Shrimp ROV

Low cost, portable, and fast deployment ROV suitable for shallow water and sea.



First developed in 2006, RMI-ROV "SHRIMP" is designed to operate to a depth of 300 m below the sea with 4 HP power rating. This ROV is specially designed to carry a detachable payload hull. This detachable payload main hull may be filled by side scan sonar and sub bottom profiler for surveying and mapping the contours of the sea.

In the military version it will conduct a role as a mine sweeper, the detachable payload hull will be filled by an explosive that will be released when approaching objects detected as mines.

The main features developed in this ROV is a composite hull using 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy using Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy hull resulting in a strong and lightweight. Advanced propulsion systems using a magnetic coupling which proved reliable and extended maintenance intervals is used in this mini-class surveillance ROV.


Dimension :

Length :760 mm
Width :600 mm
Height :610 mm

Weight in Air : 30 kg

Operating Depth :300 m

Speed : 3 Knots

Power : 220 Volt AC

Surface Station System :

High Brightness LCD Display
DSP microcontroller based autopilot
Leak indicator
Ground Fault Detection
Joystick : 3 axis with 2 push button
Customized Video Overlay
Video Recording

Comunication : - RS 485

Sensor :

Depth Leakage: 6 position TFCLD (Thin Film Contact Leak Detector)

Camera : Tilted High Definition Camera

Thruster :

- 1 pcs 1 HP for vertical thrust
- 2 pcs 1 HP for side vector thrust

Lighting : 2 pcs @50 Watt Halogen lamp

Cabling : SK 1051 (Neutrally Bouyant Underwater Cable)

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