Wakatobi Mini ROV

Compact size and lightweight ROV with depth range up to 100m depth.


Shrimp ROV

Designed to carry a detachable payload hull containing specific sensor or equipment.


GEOMAR Autopilot Survey Boat

Featuring precise and easy handling advantages for autonomous hidrographics survey.


Raja'Ampat ROV

Observation Class ROV up to 100 Meter Deep, equiped with Gripper and various sensors.


Hiu'Merah ROV

A customized ROV to be a model of mini submarine research and development.


Larantuka DPV

Intended to support diver under special mission such as SAR.


For over 15 years, we have been specialized in various underwater vehicle research and developments.
Based on those experiences, we manufacture ROVs to fulfill the big need of such technology for Indonesian maritim.
As our company grows, we continuously improve both performance and variety of our products.


(Currently only available in Indonesia)

( Starting from 2015 )

  • Hiu Merah ROV

    This is a full function ROV which is developed to be a model for our mini submarine research and development. The ROV also can be used as observation class ROV equiped with camera and sonar.

  • Arafuru Surface Personal Vehicle

    This vehicle can be used both for joy or for a specific mission. The main purpose of this device is to make possible swimmer to swim longer distance.

  • Larantuka Depth Personal Vehicle

    This vehicle can be used both on surface or underwater. The main purpose of Larantuka is to support diver to achieve faster and longer diving operation. It is very useful in certain underwater mission.



Design And Analysis

RMI has the expertise to develop specialized tools capable of performing a wide range of subsea functions. Based on such knowledge, we design and develop our ROVs consist of mechanical, electrical, electronics and software parts. All design are underwent through a series of comprehensive modeling and analysis to gain the best performance.


Thruster Production

To achieve the best price and performance of our ROVs, we design and manufacture our thursters beside other parts. The RMIs thrusters are magnetically coupled using a magnet array in the propeller hub and the motor drive. High reliability provided by eliminating rotary seals and motor damage protection by ratchet mechanism of the magnetic coupling.

We design wageningen propeller based and kort nozzle combination gives extremely high bollard thrust and open water efficiency. Employing a high RPM, low inertia DC brushless motor, coupled with high efficiency planetary gearset, RMIs thrusters delivers maximum reliability, high efficiency and high power in extremely compact, lightweight and easy to maintain package.

Fiber Optics Transmition for Video And Data

Starting From 2015, we update our umbilical cable system to use fiber optics technology for our ROV data communication and video transmition.

The most important function of ROV is its ability to see throught video. Fiber Optics technology makes video and other data transmission immune from noises caused by any intererrence through the long umbilical cable.

In other hand, the usage of this technology can raise the component cost significantly. To reduce the cost, we have design and manufacture our fiber optic connection system.


Actuator and sensor

To support our ROV function, we produce gripper to be attached to the ROV. The main function of gripper is to take sample or object from the seabed surface. Currently, only one axis gripper is available.

Our ROV carrying various sensors, Beside Camera, some sensors can be attached to our ROVs based on the customer request. We can put altimeter, USBL, Sonar, CTD, or DO meter.